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Well Being: Effortless Relaxation (CD)

Well Being: Effortless Relaxation (CD)


It has been one of those days again hasn’t it? Things just haven’t gone according to plan. Nothing momentous in the general turning of the world, but enough to really wind you up and get your stress levels in the red. You’re tired and irritated and have had enough. What would be really nice is an hour or so to just turn off – time for yourself – time to relax effortlessly.

Of course, not everyone has the luxury of lying back at the end of a hard day in a frothy bath with a chilled Chardonnay and a good book. In fact, in the real world of family and work, you’re lucky to get by with a lukewarm shower before falling into bed. Don’t despair. This Effortless Relaxation CD can help you wherever you are, and with whatever you are doing.

Music really has the amazing ability to soothe and calm. Play it in the car on the way home from work, while you’re cooking up the pasta, while you are getting the kid’s lunches ready for the next day, in fact, whenever you feel you need a little help to de-stress. The 10 tracks have all been carefully chosen to provide you with the perfect background music for those times when a little soul balm is in order.

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