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Hornbeam / Bach Flower Remedy - 20ml Liquid

Hornbeam / Bach Flower Remedy - 20ml Liquid


Negative Aspects Treated: procrastination; ‘Monday morning feeling’ – but once started task is usually fulfilled

Positive Outcomes: sure of own ability and strength to face problems and ‘get up and go’

Hornbeam is for weariness, mental rather than physical; for those who wake up doubting their ability to face the day's work. They find it difficult to face up to problems, or cope with the day's programme, although in fact they usually get everything done.

People in need of Hornbeam may be suffering from overwork, or a sense of staleness and lack of variety in life, for example when studying hard for exams (see also Olive). They lack enthusiasm and may procrastinate. Sleep in not refreshing and if convalescing from illness, they doubt their strength to recover.

The positive potential of Hornbeam is certainly of one's strength and ability to face the day's work. A lively mind, vitality, freshness and spontaneity are restored, and life is enjoyable again. They day's work can be faced with energy and a clear head, and is properly balanced with play.

In Dr. Bach's words:

"For those who feel that they have not sufficient strength, mentally or physically, to carry the burden of life placed upon them; the affairs of every day seem too much for them to accomplish, though they generally succeed in fulfilling their task. For those who believe that some part, of mind or body, needs to be strengthened before they can easily fulfil their work."


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