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Cleansing Crystal Kit

Cleansing Crystal Kit


Carry with you daily or place on the spots that don't feel right. This selection will protect and keep the right energy flowing.

Each Kit comes boxed and contains 1 each of the following crystals:

Amethyst - Opens and cleanses the spiritual and psychic centres

Clear Quartz - the master healer and amplify energy and thought.

Fluorite - Absorbs and neutralizes negative vibrations

Black Velvet carry pouch

How to use:

To get the full extent of the energy, carry your crystal with you. e.g. in your handbag, sleep with them under your bed or pillow, or carry

them in your pocket.

Cleansing - It's a good idea to cleanse your crystals once a month.

Put them in a bowl of water and leave them out in the full moon. This will re-energise them.


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