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Cherry Plum / Bach Flower Remedy - 20ml Liquid

Cherry Plum / Bach Flower Remedy - 20ml Liquid


Negative Aspects Treated: collapse of mental control; vicious temper; fear of doing harm to self and others

Positive Outcomes: calm quiet courage with control over extreme mental pressures

Cherry Plum is for people who fear losing control of their behaviour. They may be on the verge of breakdown, They may be in deep despair, and afraid of losing their sanity.

At times when Cherry Plum is needed they may feel about to explode, and are afraid of giving way to violent impulses. Indeed, they may be abnormally abusive and hysterical towards friends and family, exploding in sudden outbursts of rage.

The positive potential of Cherry Plum is the person who has a calm mind and is able to think and act rationally.

If the picture is very severe, help from a good therapist is recommended.

In Dr. Bach's words:

"Fear of the mind being over-strained, of reason giving way, of doing fearful and dreaded things, not wished and known wrong, yet there comes the thought and impulse to do them."



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