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Blue Bottle Love - Love 1/2 Litre *75% OFF*

Blue Bottle Love - Love 1/2 Litre *75% OFF*


All you need is LOVE!
This is one of our more popular designs...LOVE...All is LOVE!!  Love is ALL you need, All you need is LOVE!!

Blue Bottle Love is a collection of beautiful containers to carry one of life's most important elements, water, life-giving water!

The term is used to describe the method of enhancing your water through symbols, blue glass and ecology. Symbols and words have been shown to have a remarkable effect on water crystals as discovered by Dr.Masaru Emoto. Water receiving positive intentions, as well as clean spring water, tend to turn out well-ordered, hexagonal crystals which is the ideal formation for our bodies to absorb the water. It becomes harmonized with how our bodies should take water in.

Our bodies are 70% water, so it is definitely important to pay attention to the kind of water we put in! Blue Glass is beautiful for sure. But it also serves a higher purpose. Solar Blue Water can be made using these blue glass water bottles. This technique has been described in the best-selling book Zero Limits by Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. This water can be used as a ho'oponopono Hawaiian Cleansing Tool to allow one to "transmute memories replaying problems in the subconscious mind and help the body to 'let go & let God'". Place water-filled blue glass water bottles in sunlight for 1 hour to reap the benefits.

Ecology has shown that reusable glass is the ideal vessel for our water needs. Refilling this blue glass water bottle will save our earth from excessive waste of oil and water used to produce plastic water bottles. Plastic bottles contain dangerous chemicals which water actually absorbs, especially when heated or frozen. These Blue bottles are bpa-free, non-toxic, leak-proof and healthy for our bodies and for our precious Mother Earth!

This bottle measures 3" (7.5cm)in diameter by 10" (24cm) tall. The symbol is embossed (sand-blasted) into the glass - not printed - so it will not diminish over time.

Care tips:
• Rinse inside of your bottle before first time use. Thereafter, clean your bottles as needed with Hydrogen Peroxide, White Vinegar or Grapefruit Seed Extract and water.
• Always open the flip-top lid towards the same sides as the metal loop.
• Dry your sandblasted design with a clean towel to remove oils and water to reveal the original, high definition look. A little alcohol on the cloth will really make it stand out brightly!
• Stay hydrated throughout the day, drinking in small increments every 20-30 minutes or so, rather than large doses at once.
• Carry your water bottle with you to be sure to drink plenty of water.
• This blue glass water bottle is very thick and durable, yet it is still glass. Always be mindful. Enjoy!

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