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Aura-Soma® Pocket Rescue 25ml Set **SALE PRICE**

Aura-Soma® Pocket Rescue 25ml Set **SALE PRICE**


The Pocket Rescue Set contains 9 of the most popular Equilibrium bottles selected from the full Equilibrium Set of over 100 different (25ml or 50ml glass) bottles. They come in handy plastic 25ml bottles.

They contain a blend of essential oils, herbal extracts, crystal and gem energies and natural plant colourings. They are invaluable to have at hand when out and about to help in certain 'rescue' situations, to help yourself and those around you return to more ease. These bottles can be used on multiple clients, friends and family.

See the individual pocket rescue listings for more information about each bottle and directions about selection and their use.

Pocket Rescues:-

#001 - Physical
#003 - Heart
#004 - Sunlight
#011 - Love
#020 - Star Child
#026 - Etheric
#087 - Wisdom / Coral
#089 - Energy
#100 - Metatron

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