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Aura-Soma - Maha Chohan Quintessence 25ml **SPECIAL PRICE**

Aura-Soma - Maha Chohan Quintessence 25ml **SPECIAL PRICE**


Colour: Pale Turquoise

Fragrance: Sweet and deep

Basic Theme: To build up feelings of connectedness to yourself and othes, to nature - to everything

Helps with expression from the heart. Recommended for people who make ancient wisdom available through teaching or via the mass media in a way that is useful for the present time.

Gives access to very deep contact with the "inner teacher" or the "inner master". Facilitates the building of emotional ties with higher, faster frequencies than human ones. Presents an invitation to the inner guide/master to really become involved in the life of a person. This is done not from a sense of need but from a readiness to learn.


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