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Aura-Soma - Lady Portia Quintessence Incense Sticks **SALE PRICE**

Aura-Soma - Lady Portia Quintessence Incense Sticks **SALE PRICE**


Colour: Gold

Fragrance: Flowery and summery

Basic Theme: Giving up judgements, not condemning oneself or others

People who are constantly working, never taking a break, find out how they can be less self-critical, Those who are inclined to criticise or condemn others learn through Lady Portia to develop compassion. On the other hand, it is also brought to mind that it is necessary to analyse one's own behaviours and certain issues. Only in this way, can one improve oneself.

When criticism, self-criticism or discernment is needed, Lady Portia can help you develop the ability to communicate this appropriately and politely.

It gives support in rebirthing work and in also facing your own birth traumas and to lose fear in that regard. It allows clear formulation of thoughts, especially those relating to ancient wisdom and self-realisation.


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