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Aura-Soma - Lady Nada Quintessence 25ml **SPECIAL PRICE**

Aura-Soma - Lady Nada Quintessence 25ml **SPECIAL PRICE**


Colour: Pale Pink

Fragrance: Like roses

Basic Theme: To diminish aggression

Changes negative energy into positive, and that applies to all areas of life. Lady Nada opens the doors of communication. It makes communication possible that has been blocked or is in danger of being blocked.

Helps people who work with sounds, with music and the voice whether it be in the mass media, in industry or as a teacher or therapist. Lady Nada opens the door for one to experience sounds, music or voices as light or colour, and vice versa. Also enables one to see colours or experience inner music during a massage.

This Quintessence helps people who feel a negative influence from the rhythms of the moon.


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