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Aura-Soma - Kwan Yin & Lao Tsu Quintessence 25ml **SPECIAL PRICE**

Aura-Soma - Kwan Yin & Lao Tsu Quintessence 25ml **SPECIAL PRICE**


Colour: Pale Orange

Fragrance: Like oranges, spicy

Basic Theme: To receive information from past times

Helps to receive information from earlier incarnations and, in general, from earlier times, without having to cope too much with the shock that one might feel from knowing about what one might have experienced. The information transferred comes on an energy level, rather than an emotional one.

Has a similar effect as Equilibrium Bottle #26 and the Orange Pomander, whereby the balance oil goes out from the body and works its way into the subtle bodies. Whereas the Orange Pomander is effective from the electromagnetic field outwards, the Quintessence goes from the astral body inward.

Lao Tsu & Kwan Yin brings understanding and appreciation of the worth we have brought with us from earlier times and allows self-love to evolve. As a result, brings about a feeling of deep peace.


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