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Aura-Soma - Djwal Khul Quintessence Incense Sticks **SALE PRICE**

Aura-Soma - Djwal Khul Quintessence Incense Sticks **SALE PRICE**


Colour: Emerald Green

Fragrance: Fresh, like the forest

Basic Theme: Space, within oneself but also directed outward

Brings balance to the subtle bodies, as well as a grounded point of view. You learn that not everything can be accomplished through intuition but that the intellect is also a very useful tool. You should learn that both should be used together, at the same time. It helps prevent the information gained through intuition from being overwhelming.

To people who are apt to be fearful, this substance stimulates clarity and self-love (especially in connection with claustrophobia and other phobias).

Helps to create the time and space one needs, shows you where you are going. Brings about an understanding of the rhythms, the laws, and the patterns in nature.

People interested in astrology will have easier access to horoscopes - their personal one, that of others, and also of events.

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