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Aura-Soma Air Conditioners

A powerful room spray based on the unique vibrational essences of the Aura-Soma pomanders and quintessences.

A stronger formula is used in the sprays than in the actual pomanders and quintessences since the sprays are made to vibrationally clear your space or room, whereas the other products are more use directly on the body and in the auric field.

Each air conditioner contains a unique blend of herbal extracts and essential oils and when sprayed into the room they release the positive energies of their own colour ray to empower, refresh and condition your space. If you are a therapist, these air conditioners can be very useful to use in your treatment room to provide the best positive space for you and your client since they clear any negative energies inbetween sessions. Quintessence Air Conditioners: Beautiful to use to invoke higher energies and wonderful for meditation and for use in a therapy room. Each one will invoke different energies into the room.