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What’s all the fuss about? 

The number 11 in numerology marks the beginning of new cycles, increased spiritual leanings and compassion. It is considered as one of the master numbers. We often see 11 come in pairs. The 11:11 phenomena can’t really be explained but it does happen frequently doesn’t it? Could it really be your angels, guides etc trying to communicate with you?

So what’s the date 11:11:11 about?

Some say on this day an opening of a new portal will occur. The portal of the divine will open and first wave of divine energies will flow through.

Some say it’s the dawning of the new age. The true dawning of Aquarius. During this period our planet is vibrationally ready to hold many enlightened human beings – we will become an enlightened species and enter the 5th dimension.

Others say that it’s the activation of our DNA. The bits that we don’t use come to life and we will find ourselves living in the divine with extra special gifts.

And the theories go on…

Well I guess if we’ve all been invited we should step through the door and join the party? From what I can gather, building and creating energy in a group is a good thing. Raising the vibrations – collectively can have a pretty profound effect. If you have the opportunity to join a group meditation or session during the day then go. Perhaps have a few friends over, or head to the local park and befriend the trees for an hour or two.

Who knows what this date will bring, if anything at all. Regardless why not mark it in your diary to create some significant change in your life. A conscious change to live more from the heart might be a good place to start.

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